E. Gilbert Budgeting Model™

The amount of time and effort we invest upfront, before a project even begins, is one of the main differences between us and the competition. The more time and effort you spend before a project begins, the greater the influence you have on controlling costs, reducing time and increasing quality. We recognize that you aren’t hiring us to simply be good CM’s, you are hiring us to be good stewards of your investment because you know that the lowest bid in the beginning never means the lowest price in the end.

To that end, we have designed an innovative and unique 4 step budgeting process. Most CM firms only focus on two areas of budgeting for their clients, design development and construction documents. But we believe a more comprehensive budget approach is the best way to be effective stewards of your investment.

Schematic/Program Design Budget

This is the first phase of design. Even though detalled plans are not developed, E. Gilbert establishes a detailed budget through our knowledge and experience of similar projects. We take a very proactive position on value engineering at the outset and work hand and hand with the A/E before “pencil touches paper” to help select cost-effective details BEFORE they are drawn and help seiect materials before they are specified. This is a critical stage to point the program in the right direction. Once the owner and the architect review this budget, the design will then set forward on to the next stage.

Design Development Budget

In this stage the design is further along and the actual details get developed. With our assistance, we evaluate each condition and adjust the budget accordingly.

Construction Document Budget

This is the final stage where the specifications are prepared to the final drawings. This is a critical budget where the dollars are fine tuned so the team can better evaluate the entire program.

Bid Package Budget

When each scope of work item is prepared for each Bid Package, we offer you a budget value to represent what each bid package should represent.

This comprehensive program assures you know where the “dollars and sense” are at all times, it is a more organized approach for all design and construction participants and a more thorough analysis for investor and banking relationships.